Status of the HLRN System

Info about the Status of the HLRN-IV installation in Göttingen can be found here.

Konrad (Berlin)

Gottfried (Hannover)

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HLRN LinkHLRN - Link 10 GB/s
Batch System (Berlin)

Batch System (Hannover)
HLRN - Berlin Installation "Konrad"

HLRN - Hanover Installation "Gottfried" HLRN - Hanover SMP








HLRN-III status : generated at Tue Apr 23 12:20:01 CEST 2019

Move your mouse over a component to see the date when the specific check was made; move mouse over "Konrad" or "Gottfried" to get XC40 details; click to get further information in a long new page)

Meaning of color

The blocks in the figure and the images change their color according to the status of the checks:

Availability :


Norddeutscher Verbund für Hoch- und Höchstleistungsrechnen
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