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[3299] Oct 10, 2018Apply for Computing Time by October 28th, 2018
[3287] Sep 05, 2018Konrad: Reduced compute resources for test jobs
[3284] Aug 28, 2018Goodbye!
[3276] Aug 23, 2018Important news re. HLRN-IV / Wichtige Informationen zum HLRN-IV
[3268] Aug 03, 2018HPERM to GPERM migration
[3263] Jul 31, 2018HLRN-IV User Training Workshop October 08-11 in Göttingen
[3226] Mar 08, 2018HLRN-IV contract signing

Apply for Computing Time by October 28th, 2018
[3299] Oct 10, 2018

The Scientific Board of the HLRN is inviting project proposals applying for computing time on the HLRN system.

The next deadline is October 28th, 2018, at 23:59.

Projects that need more computing time than 10,000 NPL resource units per quarter are invited to submit a project proposal ("Großprojektantrag") to the Scientific Board ("Wissenschaftlicher Ausschuss") of HLRN for the next quarterly review. Resources are allocated for one year starting January 1st, 2019, on a quarterly basis after review of the proposal (see the Application HowTo and the Scientific Board portal page). Notifications will be sent out around mid-December 2018.

In 2018 HLRN allocates about 130 million core hours per quarter (equivalent to about 42 million NPL per year) to successful proposals.
Please note: The project abstract has to be created in a certain format. The appropriate HLRN LaTeX template can be downloaded from the HLRN web page "required documents". The use of this template is required.

In case of questions, please contact your local HLRN support person or your HLRN project consultant before submitting the proposal.


Konrad: Reduced compute resources for test jobs
[3287] Sep 05, 2018

Due to the current high load and long input queue on Konrad the number of reserved nodes for the test queues were temporarily reduced to 32 (mpp2:test) and 16 (mpp1:test), respectively.

Our batch system docs have been adapted accordingly.

Please contact HLRN Support if you urgently need more nodes for your test jobs.


[3284] Aug 28, 2018

Dear HLRN User,

after 16 years of dedicated HPC service to the HLRN community at the
Leibniz University Hannover spanning three generations of supercomputers
we are closing down operations effective August 31st, 2018.

We enjoyed very much working with you in a unique national, multi-state
effort to provide HPC resources and expertise and thank you for your
trust and cooperation. We hope HLRN-IV will be at least as successful as
its predecessors.

Kind Regards and Goodbye,

PD Dr. Steffen Schulze-Kremer

Head HPC
Leibniz University IT Services

Important news re. HLRN-IV / Wichtige Informationen zum HLRN-IV
[3276] Aug 23, 2018

For an up-to-date Version please see our info page at


(see below for the English version)

Liebe Nutzer,

Im September beginnt, mit der ersten Ausbaustufe des HLRN-IV, der HLRN-Betrieb am neuen Standort Göttingen. Im folgenden möchten wir Sie über den aktuellen Planungsstand zu den dafür vorgesehenen Terminen informieren. Bitte beachten Sie, dass es noch zu kurzfristigen Änderungen des Zeitplans kommen kann.

31. August:
Der HLRN-III-Komplex "Gottfried" in Hannover wird abgeschaltet; kein Zugriff mehr auf Daten in HOME, WORK und PERM in Hannover.

3. September:
Die Zugangssysteme für den HLRN-IV werden freigeschaltet. Dies ermöglicht Ihnen den Zugriff auf Ihre aus Hannover migrierten Daten in HOME und - soweit ein Migrationswunsch vorlag - WORK. Bitte nutzen Sie frühzeitig die Möglichkeit zu einer Kontrolle Ihrer Daten.

Update Sep 07, 2018:
Die HLRN-IV-Zugangsknoten in Göttingen werden voraussichtlich am 12. September gegen 12 Uhr freigeschaltet werden.

Update Sep 11, 2018:
Durch noch andauernde Arbeiten an den Filesystemen des neuen HLRN-IV verzögert sich die Migration beider Filesysteme in das neue System. Aus diesem Grund kann am 12. September noch keine Freigabe der
in Göttingen erfolgen.

Die Daten werden Ihnen aber ab sofort auf den Berliner Knoten bdata[1,2].hlrn.de read-only zur Verfügung gestellt. Sie finden Ihre Daten unter:


26. September:
Das System ist vollständig verfügbar. Allerdings sind gerade zu Beginn dieser Phase noch vermehrt Störungen und Fehler zu erwarten, weshalb der Zugang zunächst nur ausgewählten Nutzern empfohlen wird.

8. Oktober:
Nutzerschulung in Göttingen. Abhängig von der Systemstabilität wird das System für alle Nutzer freigegeben.

26. Oktober:
Geplantes Ende der Zuverlässigkeitsprüfung. Abhängig vom erzielten Ergebnis geht das System in den Normalbetrieb über.

Ende November:
PERM Daten aus Hannover in Göttingen verfügbar.

Viele Grüße,
Ihr HLRN-Team



ENGLISH version:

Dear users,

In September HLRN operation at the new HLRN site in Göttingen starts with the first phase of HLRN-IV. Here we want to inform you about the expected schedule. Please note that there might be changes on short notice.

August 31st:
End of operation of the HLRN-III complex "Gottfried" in Hannover; data in HOME, WORK, and PERM become inaccessible in Hannover.

September 3rd:
System access nodes for HLRN-IV are activated. This allows you to access data migrated from Hannover in HOME and - if you registered WORK data for migration - WORK. Please use the possibility to check your data at your earliest convenience.

Update Sep 07, 2018:
The HLRN-IV access nodes in Göttingen will now be prospectively activated on September 12th around noon.

Update Sep 11, 2018:
Due to ongoing work on the file systems of the new HLRN-IV, the migration of both file systems into the new system is delayed. For this reason, we can not open access to the login nodes in Göttingen on September 12th.

You can instead access the data from now on on the Berlin nodes bdata[1,2].hlrn.de read-only. You can find your data under:


September 26th:
The full system becomes available. However, as the probability of errors and interruptions is higher in the beginning of full operation, access is only recommended to selected users.

October 8th:
User training in Göttingen. Depending on system stability, the system is released to all users.

October 26th:
End of reliability testing. Depending on the result the system enters normal operation.

End of November:
PERM data from Hannover accessible in Göttingen.

Best regards,
Your HLRN Team


HPERM to GPERM migration
[3268] Aug 03, 2018

Dear HLRN user,

this message contains the steps you need to take in order to ensure
access to data stored in PERM Hannover (hperm). It also contains
information on the use of the new archival facilities in Göttingen.

  1. All data from PERM Hannover (hperm) will eventually and
    automatically be transferred to the new system in Göttingen
  2. Contents of the archive in Hannover will be frozen on August
    8th, 2018 at noon (next Wednesday 12:00). HLRN Hannover and the
    PERM servers in Hannover will go out of service August 31st, 2018.
  3. You can still read from hperm after August 8th until the final
    shutdown of the servers in Hannover, but access will be read-only.
  4. Due to the nature of the archive media (tapes), it may take up
    to three months until hperm data will become available again in
    gperm. Data in hperm will not be accessible between shutdown of
    PERM Hannover and completion of the migration.
  5. If you need data that is stored in hperm during the interim phase,
    you should copy these files to gperm until the end of August.
    Please make sure you only copy what you need during the transition
    and start at your earliest convenience.
  6. New data should already go to the archival system at Göttingen
    (gperm), even if it is created in Hannover. So check/change your
    job scripts.

    Documentation on how to access gperm can be found here:


In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask for support.

Your HLRN team


HLRN-IV User Training Workshop October 08-11 in Göttingen
[3263] Jul 31, 2018

Dear HLRN users,

this September the first phase of the HLRN-IV will start its operation in Göttingen. To familiarize users with the changes and improvements in HLRN-IV, a training course will be held in Göttingen.

The following topics will be discussed during the course:
  • Introduction to the new system (architecture, hardware, software)
  • Intel software and performance analysis tools
  • The new batch system SLURM
  • Hands-on exercises
The training course will be from October 08th, 12:00, until October 11th, 12:00 and will take place in Göttingen.

Due to a number of other conferences and exhibitions in the Göttingen area during the time of the workshop, hotels are in high demand. We advise to book your rooms as early as possible.

More details about this course, registration, and accomodation etc. are available at our workshop website.


HLRN-IV contract signing
[3226] Mar 08, 2018
On March 7th 2018, the HLRN sites and provider of the next-generation HLRN system, Zuse Institute Berlin and Georg-August-Universität Göttingen have signed the agreements with the company Atos. For more information, please visit the web page
https://www.hlrn.de/home/view/NewsCenter/Artikel2018-03_contract .


For details of short news and older entries see the HLRN System - News Archive

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