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[3400] Aug 05, 2019Data migration from Cray storage to the new HLRN-IV storage started
[3394] Jul 29, 2019External target host handling revised, effective August 5.
[3391] Jul 09, 2019Action required: HLRN-IV installation schedule
[3389] Jul 05, 2019Emmy and Lise - Names for the HLRN-IV compute systems revealed
[3387] Jul 05, 2019Apply for Computing Time by July 28th, 2019
[3327] Dec 14, 2018Euro-Par 2019, Göttingen

Data migration from Cray storage to the new HLRN-IV storage started
[3400] Aug 05, 2019

Dear HLRN Users,

starting immediately you can and have to migrate your data from the old HLRN-III (Cray) home and work directories to the new HLRN-IV filesystems.

After the end of the data migration period on Nov 24, 2019, the old file systems will no longer be available and all data that has not been transferred by you will be lost.

For more details and examples for efficient data transfer see our data migration page.


External target host handling revised, effective August 5.
[3394] Jul 29, 2019

Action required!

Dear users,

from August 5, 2019, on HLRN will open outgoing network connections
world wide, however limited to destination ports for ssh, http, and
https (22, 80, and 443)
. At the same time HLRN will remove the list of
external target hosts, that a number of users have maintained, as this
is not needed anymore.

Action is required for users, that need to connect to external servers
in their workflow via non-standard ports. This includes

- users of commercially licensed software (Abaqus, Ansys, CFX,
StarCCM+, etc.),

- users connecting to external ports other that the above mentioned.

Those users, and others, that experience connection problems in their
workflow on HLRN after August 5, should immediately contact HLRN
Support indicating the external host (hostname and ip address) and the
port(s), that need to be reached from HLRN.


Action required: HLRN-IV installation schedule
[3391] Jul 09, 2019

Important dates:

August 5th, 2019: Begin of the user initiated data migration phase in Berlin

October 21st, 2019: Cray XC40/30 is powered off forever

Dear HLRN users,

we want inform you about the next major steps in preparing the operation of the phase 2 of the HLRN-IV complexes in Berlin and Göttingen. To our regret, due to the high power demands for the computer systems and cooling it is technically impossible for us to make a smooth transition in Berlin from the old to the new HLRN system, and in Göttingen from the phase 1 to the full system, respectively.

With the start of the test period of the new HLRN-IV configuration in Berlin the compute resource of the old HLRN-III system (Cray) need to be switched off (forever). Operation of the HLRN-IV system in Göttingen will be interrupted to integrate phase 1 and phase 2.

In the following, we provide you with the best technical solution for the transition to the new HLRN-IV system. Of course, the HLRN team will be happy to give you further information and to assist you in this transition process.

You will find more details and regularly updated information about the installation of the phase 2 of the HLRN-IV system at



Emmy and Lise - Names for the HLRN-IV compute systems revealed
[3389] Jul 05, 2019

HLRN has revealed the names of the HLRN-IV systems: Lise in Berlin, and Emmy in Göttingen. For details about the namesakes of HLRN-IV please see the corresponding article in our NewsCenter.


Apply for Computing Time by July 28th, 2019
[3387] Jul 05, 2019

The Scientific Board of the HLRN is inviting project proposals applying for computing time on the HLRN system.

The next deadline is July 28th, 2019, at 23:59.

Projects that need more computing time than 10,000 NPL resource units per quarter are invited to submit a project proposal ("Großprojektantrag") to the Scientific Board ("Wissenschaftlicher Ausschuss") of HLRN for the next quarterly review. Resources are allocated for one year starting October 1st, 2019, on a quarterly basis after review of the proposal (see the Application HowTo and the Scientific Board portal page). Notifications will be sent out around mid-September 2019.

In 2019 HLRN allocates about 135 million core hours per quarter (equivalent to about 60 million NPL per year) to successful proposals.
Please note: The project abstract has to be created in a specific format. The appropriate HLRN LaTeX template can be downloaded from the HLRN web page "required documents". The use of this template is required.

Please contact your HLRN project consultant before submitting the proposal.


Euro-Par 2019, Göttingen
[3327] Dec 14, 2018
We are pleased to inform you that from August 26-30, 2019 the Euro-Par 2019 - 25. International European Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing will be held in Göttingen, hence within the area of the HLRN. This is not only an excellent opportunity for the HLRN to present itself to the public, but also for cutting-edge research using the North German supercomputer.

Do you want to contribute to the success of Euro-Par 2019? Then you are welcome to share this message with your scientific community.

Relevant information can be found here:
- List of Topics and Chairs: http://2019.euro-par.org/contributors/topics
- Call for Papers: http://2019.euro-par.org/contributors/call-for/paper-call
- Call for Workshops: http://2019.euro-par.org/contributors/call-for/workshop-call
- Download Conference Poster: http://2019.euro-par.org/fileadmin/2019/poster_2019/Poster_Euro-Par_2019_Web.pdf

For details of short news and older entries see the HLRN System - News Archive

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