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[3324] Dec 11, 2018HLRN-IV phase 1 in Göttingen open for all users
[3319] Nov 29, 2018Important news re. HLRN-IV / Wichtige Informationen zum HLRN-IV
[3315] Nov 20, 2018Stellenausschreibung Zuse-Institute (HLRN)
[3312] Nov 14, 2018Stellenausschreibung GWDG Göttingen
[3284] Aug 28, 2018Goodbye!
[3268] Aug 03, 2018HPERM to GPERM migration

HLRN-IV phase 1 in Göttingen open for all users
[3324] Dec 11, 2018

The first phase of the HLRN-IV system in Göttingen is now open for all HLRN
users. Further information:
  • Please check the HLRN-IV pages for documentation.
  • Please also check the list of known issues.
  • Data migrated from the Hannover site in HOME, PERM and WORK (only data registered for migration) is accessible on the Göttingen system. Please note that a very small amount of data in PERM has to be retrieved from a second copy and will be available later.
  • Due to a new user database structure, the group ownership of some your files was changed to a group of the same name as your username.
  • Due to incompatibilities with the new operation system, existing shell configuration files have been moved, please check this page.
  • You might need to move or edit further incompatible configuration files. A list can be found here. It currently only contains .gitconfig, but will be updated as needed.
  • Disk quota are currently disabled but will be enabled soon, so please be considerate regarding your storage usage.
  • Job quota will be enabled on Jan 19, 2019.
Thanks for all your patience. Have fun with the new system.

Best regards

Christian Boehme and the HLRN team

Important news re. HLRN-IV / Wichtige Informationen zum HLRN-IV
[3319] Nov 29, 2018

For an up-to-date version please see our info page at

Your HLRN Team


Stellenausschreibung Zuse-Institute (HLRN)
[3315] Nov 20, 2018

Wir möchten Sie und andere möglicherweise Interessierte auf die folgende Stellenausschreibung aufmerksam machen.

Das Zuse-Institute Berlin (ZIB), eines der Betreiberzentren des HLRN, sucht zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt einen wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiter (m/w) im Bereich Supercomputing.

Nähere Einzelheiten zu der Stellenausschreibung finden Sie unter:


Stellenausschreibung GWDG Göttingen
[3312] Nov 14, 2018

Wir möchten möglicherweise Interessierte auf die folgende Stellenausschreibung aufmerksam machen.

Die GWDG sucht zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt zur Verstärkung des High-Performance-Computing-Teams der Arbeitsgruppe eScience (AG E)

Expertinnen/Experten für Hochleistungsrechnen.

Nähere Einzelheiten zu der Stellenausschreibung finden Sie unter https://www.gwdg.de/about-us/career/ausschreibung-1


[3284] Aug 28, 2018

Dear HLRN User,

after 16 years of dedicated HPC service to the HLRN community at the
Leibniz University Hannover spanning three generations of supercomputers
we are closing down operations effective August 31st, 2018.

We enjoyed very much working with you in a unique national, multi-state
effort to provide HPC resources and expertise and thank you for your
trust and cooperation. We hope HLRN-IV will be at least as successful as
its predecessors.

Kind Regards and Goodbye,

PD Dr. Steffen Schulze-Kremer

Head HPC
Leibniz University IT Services

HPERM to GPERM migration
[3268] Aug 03, 2018

Dear HLRN user,

this message contains the steps you need to take in order to ensure
access to data stored in PERM Hannover (hperm). It also contains
information on the use of the new archival facilities in Göttingen.

  1. All data from PERM Hannover (hperm) will eventually and
    automatically be transferred to the new system in Göttingen
  2. Contents of the archive in Hannover will be frozen on August
    8th, 2018 at noon (next Wednesday 12:00). HLRN Hannover and the
    PERM servers in Hannover will go out of service August 31st, 2018.
  3. You can still read from hperm after August 8th until the final
    shutdown of the servers in Hannover, but access will be read-only.
  4. Due to the nature of the archive media (tapes), it may take up
    to three months until hperm data will become available again in
    gperm. Data in hperm will not be accessible between shutdown of
    PERM Hannover and completion of the migration.
  5. If you need data that is stored in hperm during the interim phase,
    you should copy these files to gperm until the end of August.
    Please make sure you only copy what you need during the transition
    and start at your earliest convenience.
  6. New data should already go to the archival system at Göttingen
    (gperm), even if it is created in Hannover. So check/change your
    job scripts.

    Documentation on how to access gperm can be found here:


In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask for support.

Your HLRN team


For details of short news and older entries see the HLRN System - News Archive

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