Status of the HLRN-IV installation in Göttingen

(All dates are subject to change; this page will be updated regularly, based on the most recent information received from Atos, the HLRN-IV system provider. Please check back if you want to stay up-to-date)

Last schedule update: Oct 10, 2018

  • Status of data migration updated.
  • Availability of data migrated from Hannover (on Berlin login nodes) extended to Oct 19.

Schedule verified based on information received on: Oct 12, 2018

Data Migration from Hannover

  • HOME: All data has been migrated and is stored in HLRN-IV storage.
  • WORK: All data registered for migration has been migrated and is stored in HLRN-IV storage.
  • PERM: All data is being transferred to the HLRN-IV tape library in Göttingen. Completion of the transfer is expected in December 2018.

Accessing data migrated from Hannover

You can access migrated HOME and WORK data on the Berlin nodes bdata[1,2], however read-only. You can find your data under:


This access will end on Oct 19.

Between this date and the begin of access to the HLRN-IV system in Göttingen (see below) you cannot access the migrated data.

PERM data will become accessible in December.

Access to HLRN-IV in Göttingen

The HLRN-IV installation is planned to be finished on Oct 17. However, as the probability of errors and interruptions is higher in the beginning of full operation, access is only possible for selected users at first. Please contact your consultant, if you would like to participate in the early access phase.

More users will be able to access the system depending on stability with full access planned in the second half of October.

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