HLRN user workshop 2020, 3.-6. Nov 2020

HLRN user workshop 2020, 3.-6. Nov 2020

HLRN user workshop 03.11-06.11.2020

This years HLRN-IV user workshop is organized by HLRN & Atos to help you  to run your code successfully on the HLRN-IV system and to learn how to analyze and fix performance issues.

We will host the event from ZIB as online video workshop from 03.11.2020 until 06.11.2020 in several morning sessions (09:00-12:00) and at two afternoons. The workshop is an excellent opportunity to get hands-on advice from Intel & Atos engineers and the HLRN consultants.

The workshop is intended for users and code developers either using already the HLRN resources or preparing large projects. We strongly recommend that you participate if you are developing and optimizing code on the HLRN platform.

For participating in the tutorials you need a valid HLRN account. Please have a look at the detailed schedule and registration instructions at the Workshop webpage.


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