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  • Users from Berlin (account names "be*") are allowed to use the ZIB license.
  • Users from other german states can use the software installed on HLRN but have to use their own license from their own license server.

To use Abaqus you need to mail support[at] and ask to become a member of the UNIX group abaqus.

You can check your group membership by calling groups.

Usually, there are always sufficient licenses for Abaqus/Standard and Abaqus/Explicit command-line based jobs. In contrast, we only offer 4 licenses of the interactive Abaqus/CAE (GUI). If you add the flag "#SBATCH -L cae" to your job script, the SLURM scheduler starts your job only, if CAE licenses are available. You can check the available CAE licenses yourself with: scontrol show lic