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VersionBuild DateInstallation Pathmodulefilecompiler
R 3.5.1 (gcc)06-oct-2018/sw/viz/R/3.5.1R/3.5.1gcc/8.2.0.hlrn
R 3.6.2 (gcc)05-feb-2020/sw/viz/R/3.6.2R/3.6.2gcc/7.5.0
R 4.0.2 (gcc)18-aug-2020/sw/viz/R/4.0.2R/4.0.2gcc/8.3.0
rstudio 0.98.110201-Aug-2014/sw/viz/R/rstudio_1.1.453


Load a module file and work interactively as usual. When ready, free the ressourcesresources:

$ scancel <jobID>

You may also use srun: