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No group membership or license is needed. Singularity can be used by all HLRN users by default.


Selecting the version and loading the environment

Load the modulefile

Code Block
$ module load singularity/3.2.1

This provides access to the binary singularity wich can be used to run containers.

Bash completion

By default bash completion for singularity is not loaded. To enjoy bash completion with Singularity commands and options, source the bash completion file as stated below:

Code Block
source $SING_AUTOC

After loading singularity module, environment variable SING_AUTOC contains the necessary bash completion file.

Building images and running containers

Building images for Singularity requires root privileges. Therefore you need to prepare the image locally on your computer and then move the image into HLRN.

Or you can use Singularity or Docker hubs to run images located there. For more information please use:

Code Block
singularity run --help

Example Jobscripts

Here is an example job of running the local Singularity image (.sif)