Network Common Data Form


NetCDF is a suite of libraries for system and machine independent generation, access and exchange of array oriented scientific data. The NetCDF libraries contain the interface for C, FORTRAN77, FORTRAN90 and C++. The libraries come with some binaries to access, and reformat netcdf-formatted data. 

Visit the unidata netcdf web page for detailed documention.


The NetCDF library is available for several compilers. It is linked dynamically to the threadsafe hdf5- and szip libraries build with the same compiler. 

4.7.3gcc/, cxx-4.3.1

gcc/71.10.5serialfortran-4.5.2, cxx-4.3.1

gcc/, cxx-4.3.1

intel/, cxx-4.3.1

intel/18.0.6 , impi/2018.51.10.5 (impi)parallelfortran-4.5.2, cxx-4.3.1
4.7.4gcc/, cxx-4.3.1

gcc/9.2.0, opmi/ (ompi)parallelfortran-4.5.3, cxx-4.3.1

intel/18.0.6, opmi/ (ompi)parallelfortran-4.5.3, cxx-4.3.1

intel/, cxx-4.3.1

Modulefiles and environmental variables

Loading a NetCDF modulefile extends PATH with the path to the NetCDF binaries. This includes nc_config and nf_config, which can be used to gain information on the path to include files and libraries in compiler scripts and makefiles. Use

    module show netcdf/<version>

    module help netcdf/<version>

to investigate details on exported environment variables.

LD_RUN_PATH is extended when a netcdf-module is loaded. It can be used to define rpath in the binarues.

The netcdf-modules are not needed to run programs linked to a netcdf library!

Example to compile smp-programs using the netcdf library

Here we demonstrate the usage of environmental variables to find the netcdf - include files and to link the netcdf libraries.

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Installing netcdf at HLRN

We discuss the installation of serial and parallel netcdf at HLRN

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