Network Common Data Form


NetCDF is a suite of libraries for system and machine independent generation, access and exchange of array oriented scientific data. The NetCDF libraries contain the interface for C, FORTRAN77, FORTRAN90 and C++. The libraries come with some binaries to access, and reformat netcdf-formatted data. 

Visit the unidata netcdf web page for detailed documention.


The NetCDF library is available for several compilers. It is linked dynamically to the threadsafe hdf5- and szip libraries build with the same compiler. 

4.7.3gcc/, cxx-4.3.1
gcc/71.10.5serialfortran-4.5.2, cxx-4.3.1
gcc/, cxx-4.3.1
intel/, cxx-4.3.1
intel/18.0.6 , impi/2018.51.10.5 (impi)parallelfortran-4.5.2, cxx-4.3.1
4.7.4gcc/, cxx-4.3.1
gcc/9.2.0, opmi/ (ompi)parallelfortran-4.5.3, cxx-4.3.1
intel/18.0.6, opmi/ (ompi)parallelfortran-4.5.3, cxx-4.3.1
intel/, cxx-4.3.1
4.8.1intel/, cxx-4.3.1
4.9.1intel/2022.21.12.2serialfortran-4.6.0, cxx-4.3.1
intel/2022.2, ompi/, cxx-4.3.1
4.9.2gcc/, cxx-4.3.1

Since the intel compilers an lise and emmy differ, the installation of netcdf build with intel compilers is double work. Hence, installation is done only on one complex. Please contact support, if this does not meet your requests.

Modulefiles and environmental variables

Loading a NetCDF modulefile extends PATH with the path to the NetCDF binaries. This includes nc_config and nf_config, which can be used to gain information on the path to include files and libraries in compiler scripts and makefiles. Use

    module show netcdf/<version>

    module help netcdf/<version>

to investigate details on exported environment variables.

LD_RUN_PATH is extended when a netcdf-module is loaded. It can be used to define rpath in the binarues.

The netcdf-modules are not needed to run programs linked to a netcdf library!

Example to compile smp-programs using the netcdf library

Here we demonstrate the usage of environmental variables to find the netcdf - include files and to link the netcdf libraries.

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Installing netcdf at HLRN

We discuss the installation of serial and parallel netcdf at HLRN

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