Szip, fast and lossless compression of scientific data


Szip is a freeware portable general purpose lossless compression program. It has a high speed and compression, but high memory demands too.

The Szip library is now replaced by the aec library.

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Using Szip compression in HDF5: Szip is a stand-alone library that is configured as an optional filter in HDF5. Depending on which Szip library is used (encoder enabled or decode-only), an HDF5 application can create, write, and read datasets compressed with Szip compression, or can only read datasets compressed with Szip.

Applications use Szip by setting Szip as an optional filter when a dataset is created. If the Szip encoder is enabled with the HDF5 library, data is automatically compressed and decompressed with Szip during I/O. If only the decoder is present, the HDF5 library cannot create and write Szip-compressed datasets, but it automatically decompresses Szip-compressed data when data is read.

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Download the code from


Version 2.2.1 is installed for all relevant compilers. Find the library in /sw/dataformats/szip/2.1.1/skl. Note the license restriction.


Szip may be used for scientific purposes in conjunction with HDF data handling. read more .


There is no module file yet.


The szip - libraries are build with autotools. High optimisation is enabled, all tests are passed. Please see the file run_configure ind the build -directory.