Latest News

Misleading messages from GWDG IdM regarding account deletion

We had a malfunction in the synchronisation between the Berlin and the Göttingen user database. This lead to an import of deactivated accounts into the GWDG identity management system. These accounts were now deleted again, but this resulted in mails sent to users regarding the upcoming deletion of these old deactivated accounts. If you have another still active account this can safely be ignored (please check the address in the To: field of the mail).

Emmy and Grete in Göttingen, upcoming maintenance

The systems Emmy and Grete in Göttingen will be out of service on Monday September 18th at 9am. We and expect the systems to be back in operation over the course of the afternoon of September 21st. 

In calendar week 38 our electricity supplier has to conduct the 5 year maintenance on the transformer station supplying the modular data center, which hosts our system Emmy. This maintenance requires shutting down the power supply of the data center requiring a full shutdown of all systems at this site. As the central Slurm controller and the storage for Home and Software are installed on this site, Grete will also have a downtime.

Due to unforeseen technical problems at several places (building power supply, fire-extinguishing system and user database synchronization) we have to extend the downtime of Emmy and Grete until Sept 22nd 12:00.