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08.01.2021 Filesystem Quota on HLRN from Feb 1st 2021

on Feb 1st we are enabling filesystem quotas for WORK, HOME and PERM on LISE and EMMY. If you are above your limits you are not able to store any data on
that specific filesystem.

You can check your limits using hlrnquota. We are accounting filesystem usage based on UNIX groups. Furthermore we are enabling project quotas for registered projects with a new dedicated directory structure in /scratch/projects/ and /home/projects/ to share project data.

Keep in mind, that from Feb 1st on all members of a project have access to the data of the project.

For further information and limits visit:

04.12.2020 Göttingen: Emmy Downtime

the Emmy system will be offline from Monday, December 7 from 08:00 am to Wednesday, December 9 around noon. This is the last currently planned installation downtime and it is necessary for some final maintenance in the modular data center.