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NCAR Command Languge and NCAR Graphics

General information

NCL is an interpreted language designed specifically for scientific data analysis and visualization

VersionBuild DateInstallation Pathmodulefilecompilerlicense
6.5.016. Jul. 2018/sw/viz/ncl/6.5.0yesprecompiled binary


  • Detailed description is found at the NCL home page,
  • use option --help to see an overview of relevant options

Usage at HLRN

Modulefiles and environmental variables

  • load a module to activate the path to the binaries
  • loading the module files implies setting NCARG_ROOT

Program start

  • aftern loading the module, start issuing ncl
  • the following binaries are provided:

cgm2ncgm fcaps idt ncargf90 ncarlogo2ps ncl_filedump nhlf90 pswhite rassplit tlocal ConvertMapData findg MakeNcl ncargfile ncarvversion ncl_grib2nc nnalg pwritxnt rasstat WRAPIT ctlib fontc med ncargpath ncgm2cgm ncl.xq.fix pre2ncgm ras2ccir601 rasview wrapit77 ctrans gcaps ncargcc ncargrun ncgmstat ng4ex pre2ncgm.prog rascat scrip_check_input WriteLineFile ESMF_!RegridWeightGen graphc ncargex ncargversion ncl nhlcc psblack rasgetpal tdpackdemo WriteNameFile ezmapdemo ictrans ncargf77 ncargworld ncl_convert2nc nhlf77 psplit rasls tgks0a WritePlotcharData

HLRN specific installation

installation from predefined binary. The binary is downloaded from download page

Linked netcdf-library versions: netcdf 4.6.1 opendap enabled