For some preinstalled software products HLRN offers a limited number of licenses only.
In case you do not want to queue for a certain license you can bring your own.
This requires the following steps:

  1. Your license server is accessible: from (Berlin) or (Göttingen)
    Eventually, you need to ask you local admin to allow external access.
  2. Send a mail to including the name (FQDN), IP and ports of your license server.
    Please configure the ports of your license server statically (see remark).
    Please let us know if you will use Berlin, Göttingen or both systems.
    In case your license server is inside a subnet, we also need to know the name/IP of its access point.
  3. We will setup IP forwarding rules, such that your job script can call your license server from our compute and post-processing nodes.


FLEXlm license servers usually use two TCP ports ("SERVER" and "VENDOR"), and both of them need to be configured in the HLRN license gateway. By default, the VENDOR port is dynamic (i.e. chosen randomly) and may change on restart of the license server. To remain accessible from the HLRN, both SERVER and VENDOR ports need to be statically configured (VENDOR xyz port=1234) in the license server. See also