A C-subroutine library for computing discrete Fourier transforms


FFTW is a C subroutine library for computing the discrete Fourier transform (DFT) in one or more dimensions,

Read more on the fftw3 home page For a manual consult the online manual or download the pdf


VersionBuild DateInstallation Pathmodulefilecompiler
Fftw3 /3.3.7unknown/cm/shared/apps/fftw/openmpifftw3/openmpi/gcc/64/3.3.7gcc
Fftw3 /3.3.801-feb-2019/sw/numerics/fftw3/gcc.7.5.0/3.3.8/
Fftw3 /3.3.801-feb-2019/sw/numerics/fftw3/gcc.8.3.0/3.3.8/
Fftw3 /3.3.816-feb-2020/sw/numerics/fftw3/ompi/gcc.9.2.0/3.3.8/fftw3/ompi/gcc/3.3.8gcc/9.2.0, openmpi/gcc.9/3.1.5
Fftw3 /3.3.801-feb-2019/sw/numerics/fftw3/impi/gcc.9.2.0l/3.3.8/fftw3/impi/gcc/3.3.8gcc/9.2.0, impi/2018.5
Fftw3 /3.3.801-feb-2019/sw/numerics/fftw3/impi/intel/3.3.8/fftw3/impi/intel/3.3.8intel/19.0.1 impi/2018.5

The single, long-double, omp and threads -enabled version is installed. The ompi and the impi - installation contain the serial libraries too. Both, the shared and the static version are available.

For fftw3 with INTEL compilers, please consider also to use the MKL! Read more

Modules and Usage at HLRN

The library is included in several software packages. A module file gives access to a few binaries, fftwf-wisdom, fftwl-wisdom. fftw-wisdom. fftw-wisdom-to-conf.

   module show fftw3/version
   module help fftw3/version

deliver details on paths and environmental variables.

   module load fftw3/version

defines environmental variables:

  • PATH

The modules do not have any effect during runtime.


You may link to -lfftw3f (single) or -lfftw3l (long-double) instead of or in addition to -lfftw3 (double).

You can see all provided versions directly after you loaded a FFTW module with: ls ${LIBRARY_PATH%%:*}

Installation at HLRN

Fftw3 is build from source. The current version is build with several compilers. High end optimisation is used. read more

All libraries passed through the basic checks.