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Add new Data Manipulation Software

  • CDOThe Climate Data Operators
  • ECCODESECMWF application programming interface
  • HDF5 Libraries and BinariesHDF5 - hierarchical data format
  • libtiffA software package containing a library for reading and writing _Tag Image File Format_(TIFF), and a small collection of tools for simple manipulations of TIFF images
  • NCOThe NetCdf Operators
  • netCDFNetwork Common Data Form
  • OctaveAdd short Excerpt. This will be included in the Software list
  • pigzA parallel implementation of gzip for modern multi-processor, multi-core machine
  • PROJCartographic Projections Library 
  • RR - statistical computing and graphics
  • SzipSzip, fast and lossless compression of scientific data
  • The Unidata UDUNITS2 PackageConversion and manipulation of units

  • Boost – Boost C++ libraries
  • CGAL – The Computational Geometry Algorithms Library