15.06.2023 > Focus: HPC CFD and GPU usage

Registration: to get Zoom link subscribe to https://listserv.zib.de/mailman/listinfo/training-nhr-bt
Format: online workshop with live demos
Speakers: Dr. Lewin Stein (NHR@ZIB), Dr. Jack Ogaja (NHR@GWDG), Dr. Immo Huismann (www.dlr.de/sp/en)


Morning session

10:00 Start & welcome

10:05 CFD on a supercomputer (HPC project planning, parallelization)
[Lewin Stein - NHR @ Zuse Institute Berlin]

11:20 Porting OpenFOAM to NHR GPU Systems (Configurations and Opportunities)
[Jack Ogaja - NHR @ GWDG]

12:30 Lunch break

Afternoon session

13:30 Flow solver CODA - How to simulate aircraft on GPUs
[Immo Huismann - www.dlr.de/sp/en]

14:30 Ansys Fluent - flow through a nozzle (live demo CPU vs. GPU)
[Lewin Stein - NHR @ Zuse Institute Berlin]

15:45 End




03 (upcoming soon)

04 (upcoming soon)


Live-demo materials/scripts

Fluent - 3D subsonic nozzle case: fluent_demo_cpu_vs_gpu.zip
Adapted from: Ansys Fluent Tutorial Guide (Release 2023 R1) - Ch. 8: Modeling Transient Compressible Flow
Older (but freely accessible) 2D version: https://alfaproject.ir/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/part6.pdf

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