Overview of Application Types

ApplicationCompute Time GrantCompute time per quarter [coreh]Previous GrantsReview processCall
Test Project/Easy Access
small projects or preparation 75k (up to 300k upon request)noneautomatically granted upon user account creationrollingApplication for a user account
Compute ProjectNormal300k - 5Mnone

Scientific board of NHR@ZIB, NHR@Göttingen


Proposal for a compute project


Whitelist: simplified review by Scientific board

Large-scale ("Großprojekt")*>=5MnoneScientific board + NHR panel ("Nutzungsausschuss")
DFG/BMBF/NHR/GCS/EUWhitelist: simplified review + NHR panel

* Please note that the application process for Normal and Large-scale projects is the same. Large-scale projects will be identified by the Scientific board.

Prepare Your Application for an NHR Compute Project

To submit an application for a compute project which is reviewed by the local Scientific Board, please consider the following preconditions:

  1. You need to have a user account / Nutzerkennung, which for NHR resources is available for scientists at German universities.
  2. A test project with up to 1.200 k core hours per year (see Accounting in Core Hours) is granted together with the user account.
  3. Only for more than 1.200 k core hours per year you need to apply for a compute project to be reviewed by the scientific board.

Application Process and Deadlines

On the service portal you can submit a project proposal for a compute project. Please choose to submit

  1. an initial proposal (including the whitelist option) or
  2. a follow-up proposal,

see also Proposal Types and Proposal Format. A compute project can start at the beginning of a quarter only and is granted for a lifetime of 12 months. Longer projects should be split as follows: One year after your initial/whitelist proposal (1.), you can submit a follow-up proposal (2.). For every calendar year, the quarterly application

NHR-wide deadlines are first of January, April, July, and October.

However, we have extended the next deadline for NHR@ZIB and NHR@Göttingen to 16.04.2023 at 23:59. In case of a positive review, compute resources are granted starting 1.7.2023.

Approximately two weeks prior to each deadline proposals can be submitted via the service portal („Call for Proposals“). This event is published to all users by e-mail. The project proposals are reviewed by the Scientific Board. Review results and final decisions are delivered typically two weeks prior to the project start (begin of the quarter).