Application Types

You can apply for two different types of projects, to a Test Project and to a Compute Project with the following properties. 

ApplicationCompute Time GrantCompute time per quarter [coreh]Review processCalllink to application
Test Project
User account and enough compute time for smaller projects and/or preparation 75k (up to 300k upon request)Automatically granted upon user account creationrollinguser account
Compute ProjectNormal300k - 5M

Scientific board of NHR@ZIB, NHR@Göttingen



Whitelist: simplified review by Scientific board

DFG/BMBF/NHR/GCS/EU grant required

Large-scale ("Großprojekt")

>=5 Mcoreh (CPUs)

>=6.25 kGPUh (GPU)

Scientific board + NHR panel ("Nutzungsausschuss")

Application Process

Project proposals for a Compute Project have to be submitted via the portal JARDS.

Deadlines and schedule

Compute Project proposals can be submitted via JARDS at all times. In the quarter beginning with the submission deadline (cf. below) the review process takes place . The project starts with the quarter following the review phase and is granted for a lifetime of 12 months.

Submission deadlines are 15th of January, April, July, and October. 

The next deadline is 15th of January 2024, 23:59. In case of a positive review, compute resources are granted starting first of april 2024.

The proposals for both sites are reviewed by the Scientific Board. Review results and final decisions are delivered typically two weeks prior to the project start (begin of the quarter).