The full Ansys Academic Multiphysics Campus Solution is available, e.g. Mechanical, CFX, Fluent, LS-Dyna, Electronic, SCADE (but not Lumerical, GRANTA).

To see if (new) software products are included in Ansys please check Ansys Academic Product Reference Table.

Below you find explanations to obtain and check out product licenses and regarding support and training.

For additional information and minimal examples regarding specific products see:


This documentation only covers the specifics of the usage of ANSYS on our system. General introductory courses as well as courses for special topics are offered by ANSYS Inc. and their regional offices. We recommend taking an introductory course first (see the CAD-FEM GmbH homepage). Good (free) starting points for self-study are and

From time to time, we also offer courses covering ANSYS products ourselves. Please refer to: NHR Community.

Documentation and Tutorials

If you are a member of the Ansys user group (see details how to become a member below under Usage and Licensing) you can access on blogin:

  • the official PDF documentation:
  • tutorials:

Usage and Licensing

Academic use only

The use of Ansys is restricted to members of the Ansys user group.

You can apply to become a group member at You must fulfill the Ansys license conditions. In short: our academic license is restricted to degree and/or nondegree-related research, student instruction, student projects and student demonstrations. It cannot be used in projects that are financed by industrial partners.
To check if you are a group member you can type: groups

Slurm flag

Always add
#SBATCH -L ansys
to your job script.

The flag "#SBATCH -L ansys" ensures that the scheduler starts jobs only, when licenses are available.
You can check the availability yourself: scontrol show lic

  • aa_r is a "ANSYS Academic Research License" with 4 inclusive tasks. Research jobs with more than 4 tasks cost additional "aa_r_hpc" licenses.
  • aa_t_a is a "ANSYS Academic Teaching License" with a maximum of 4 tasks. These may be used only for student projects, student instruction and student demonstrations. Eligible users are allowed to activate these, by adding the flag

    Activation of the aa_t_a license
    -lpf $ANSYSLIC_DIR/prodord/license.preferences_for_students_and_teaching.xml

    to the Ansys executable. The path $ANSYSLIC_DIR is provided after loading any Ansys module.

Installed versions

VersionModule FileRemarks
ANSYS 2023 R1ansys/2023r1
ANSYS 2022 R2ansys/2022r2
ANSYS 2022 R1ansys/2022r1default
ANSYS 2020 R2ansys/2020r2
ANSYS 2019 R2ansys/2019r2
ANSYS 19.2ansys/19.2
ANSYS 19.0ansys/19.0

The module name is called ansys. In the meantime, new versions may be installed. Simply, inspect the output of: module avail ansys